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Wall-mount SlimLine dry dispenser, quad, 4 x 1.4Lt SP-89267

Food Dispensers and Warmers

Wall-mount SlimLine dry dispenser, quad, 4 x 1.4Lt SP-89267


Serve-up product consistency with portion-controlled dispensing of four dry foods and candies. Each clear-view merchandiser needs just over 3 linear inches of space; four flavours in just 13 inches. The 1.4 L hoppers serve between 1/2 and 1 1/2 oz servings (by volume) depending on the colour-coded portion tray used.

Ideal For

  • Operations looking to refresh ingredients more frequently
  • Locations with limited vertical space; 1.4 L capacity models vs. 2 L reduces height needed by 4 inches

  • Precise serving of free-flowing dry candies, toppings or mix-in ingredients
  • Complimenting ice cream and frozen yogurt treats
  • Yogurt toppings like granola, crisped rice cereal and crushed cookies
  • Not recommended for powders or sticky products such as crushed candy bars

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