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Rubbermaid Baby Change Table FG781888PLAT 52327


Created from high-density polypropylene to reduce moisture absorption, the baby station meets all global ASTM, ADA, EN safety standards.

Provide best-in-class safety and antimicrobial protection with new Rubbermaid Baby Changing Stations. The user-friendly, easy-to-clean ergonomic design meets all applicable global safety standards and regulations.

  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Easy reach hooks
  • Built-in shelf and liner storage
  • Laminated 2-ply tissue paper
  • 320 liners per carton
Length:84.5 cm.
Width:54.6 cm.
Height:10.2 cm.
Carton Length:86.2 cm.
Carton Width:55.7 cm.
Carton Height:12.1 cm.

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