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IntelliServ® Food Pan Warmer 5.7L SP-86339

Food Dispensers and Warmers

IntelliServ® Food Pan Warmer 5.7L SP-86339


IntelliServ® Food Pan Warmer 5.7L

Quickly warm 6 qts (1/3-size pan) of sauce, soup or topping in a tight space; digital temperature control insures accurate holding of delicate soups and sauces.  Ideal For: warming sauces, soups and toppings for dipping, dressing or platescaping in prep and finishing stations.

• End-operated, water-bath warmer is ideal for kitchen placement
• Digital temperature control ensures accurate heating and holding
• Smaller batches keep toppings and sauces at their peak freshness
• NSF listed re-thermaliser – quickly heats to a safe serving temperature before bacteria has an opportunity to grow.
• Digital display provides instant feedback of heat setting and status
• Open well accepts up to a 1/3-size food pan with a 6 quart capacity; configure to serve with ladles, pumps or squeeze bottles (pans, lids, ladles, pumps and bottles are sold separately)


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