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Compelling benefits of the EU-EW3520 Conveyor Dishwasher and Dryer

Double tank dishwasher with a productivity of 200 racks/hour. Water consumption is reduced to less than 2 litres per rack, and the machine can operate on a network pressure of just one bar. With their modular design, the dishwashers can be completed with a range of options such as the drying tunnel, the corner pre-wash and the heat exchange. The pre-washing area is one from which the highest performance is expected since it has to remove the toughest dirt. Equipped with an extremely powerful pre-wash with an 82cm length, and provided with the same washing system as a compact rack conveyor.

Many competitors offer economical solutions with 60cm or even 40cm lengths, which frequently end up only soaking the dishes instead of pre-washing them.

Note: Accessories are not included in this price and may be purchased separately.

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