FIFO! RE-Inventing Sauce Dispensing

SAFCO supplies the full range of the amazing fifo sauce and condiment dispensing bottles and accessories

The FIFO Bottle dispenses from the bottom through a non-drip silicone valve and fills from the top. Simply squeeze FIFO Bottle to open the valve and dispense product. Once you let go, the valve automatically closes. Bottom dispensing decreases service time and minimises sauce waste.

Fast Dispensing
Simply pick up and squeeze. Sauce sits at the nozzle. No need to flip the bottle over.

Sauce Savings
FIFO Bottle sauce dispensers save up to 15% more sauce, compared to a standard bottle. With FIFO Bottle, your sauce is not washed down the drain.

Easy to Clean and Fill
Wide-mouth openings at both ends allow easy cleaning.

More Sanitary
Dispensing tip never touches counter surface or food.

Proper Food Rotation
The First–In, First–Out (FIFO) concept ensures proper food rotation by enabling the sauce that was first put in the bottle, to be the first that comes out of the bottle.

Multi-Purpose Valves
The FIFO Bottle multi-purpose valve can dispense sauce ranging in viscosity from water to caramel, with particles up to 1/8 inch. Whatever your sauce dispensing needs, FIFO has a solution.


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