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Imperial Gas - Open Pot Fryers


•  Flame heats plates located strategically outside of the frypot.

- Ceramic plates (40 lb. model).

- Stainless steel (50 and 75 lb. models).

•  Intense heat rapidly heats the stainless steel sides and the oil inside of the frypot.

•  No tube red burners and no air shutter adjustments needed.

•  Snap acting thermostat has a 200ºF - 400ºF. (93ºC - 204ºC) temperature range that extends oil life and produces a uniformly cooked product.

•  100% safety shut-o valve.


•  Easy cleaning of both the frying area and the deep cold zone.

•  Radius formed edges precision welded on the outside of the frypot by robots for accuracy and consistency.

•  Frying area is 14" x 14" (356 x 356) for 40 and 50 lb. models and 18" x 18" (457 x 457) for 75 lb. model, perfect for all purpose frying.

•  All stainless steel frypot has a large heat transfer area.

•  Large, deep cold zone keeps particles out of fry area.

•  BTU output is listed on the next page.

Open Pot Fryer Features

Gas - Open Pot Fryers

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